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Cowabunga- coming home… A Video

A Video Jono put together of our last few months before arriving home to Brisbane.


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New Caledonia to Brisbane… Paradise to Home – the Final Leg


We arrived to New Caledonia after a pretty average one and a half day trip from Vanuatu… cold, torrential rain and big wind shifts was not what we bargained for. We crossed back below 20 Degrees south on this leg – and we all noticed the drop in both air and water temperature

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Fiji to Vanuatu… Out of the water and into the Volcano


We had been pretty keen to get to Fiji for some time. It’s warm waters are a welcome change from the colder waters of Tonga. Fiji also provides the perfect place for surfing, kiting and diving… not to forget the best beer goin, Fiji Gold.

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Tonga to Fiji… A Whale of a time


We pushed the boat hard to get to Customs on Friday afternoon before they shut up shop for the week. We arrived just in the nick of time and got the paperwork sorted. We saw no fewer than 20 whales on the way into Vava’u, some only 20 metres away… showing us this years whale season was an exceptionally good one.

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Tahiti to Tonga… A Video

A video Jono put together of the last 2 months on board Cowabunga.

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Tahiti to Beveridge Reef… Crossing The Dangerous Middle


Tahiti was great… we got accustomed to city life once again. Bars, clubs, restaurants – all the things we’ve been deprived of for months. French Poly marked the end of the road for three of our crew members. Off to greener pastures no doubt…

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Tuamotus to Tahiti… Sharks, Spearing and Surf


Jorel had finally arrived from Brisbane. After 3 flights, a taxi ride from a drunk local, and a 20nm boat ride across the atoll of Fakarava. We welcome him aboard the best part of 3 days after he left home… this is one of the downsides of joining a boat in a pretty remote part of the world.

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The Journey so Far… A Video

The Journey of S/Y Cowabunga from Trinidad, north through the Caribbean chain, through the Panama Canal, across the equator and onto the Galapagos Islands.

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Marquesas to Tuamotus… Jungles to Uninhabited atolls


After a 17 day passage at sea, all one wants to do is celebrate, drink some rum, and sleep undisturbed for more than 4 hours. So that’s pretty much what we did for a few days while anchored in the Bay of Virgins in Fatu Hiva. Eat, Drink, Sleep, Repeat….

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Galapagos to French Polynesia… The Pacific Crossing


The leg from the Galapagos Islands to the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia is one of the longest stretches of open ocean in the world. 2918nm (5398km for you landlubbers), is what laid in front of us. With the forecast looking favourable, we upped anchor and got underway. Within an hour we were sailing nicely. We set a target of less than 20 days at sea, without using the engines (other than sail changes and battery charging). Any longer, we would start to go a little crazy…

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