Where are we now?


Click on this link to see where we are. Updated when the Satellite phone works, or when I could be bothered.

Also when we are near an AIS base station (land), you can track us live at







  1. Raphy says:

    Barrels Boy….Rip it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jose Lazo says:

    Hello Scott,
    I saw your video and I’m envious … It is fantastic. Living on a boat and travel around the world is my dream!
    I have only one question: Where do you get the money to travel?, I mean, what are your jobs?
    Well, I have only to say that I loved and that I will watch for your post and videos.
    A greeting from Spain

  3. Emil says:


    Your blogs is fantastic! I´m looking for a career in the yachting industry also, specially on sailing yachts. That´s why I would like to know how did you enter into sailing career? What kind of certificates you had when you started?

  4. Mark says:

    Why is no one answering Jose and Emil? I want to know how to live this lifestyle too.

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